To show people who

Living is easy, living is easy, but life is not easy,usb dac because life will face too many choices on sth, often causes the human to be at a loss what to do, restless, so choose a pleasant way to live a carefree, have to face choices, such as Chuang-tzu chose an pinle, Confucius chose to teach......


This is all saints make choice of lifestyle, and they can all free choice to go, don't forget the original intention of starting. But some people would say that, as a college students, now says that life is not easy rather also too early, not a day school is to fall in love, what to choose? In fact, let's say, if you go to school today, tomorrow is "have to" go to class, this is called habit, if go to school today, tomorrow is "want to" go to class, which is called knowledge, the former will feel to the class is a be accustomed to things, even if they don't want to have to go, and what the ultimate don't make the choice, and the latter is to learn to go to class, is the result of brain after the judgment and the choice, the state can be the same?

So we don't want to learn a two machine, also not to fall in love and fall in love mummy, so, we cannot make the class into a mechanical habit and read without thorough understanding, also cannot make fall in love to become a university required course and rather indiscriminate not missing, so that eventually forget his original intention of starting, distorts their own value, this life is not easy HKUE DSE?

However, to be honest this life not too serious, life should be serious, but not necessarily so seriously, don't be so stubborn, do everything for a value and meaning to do, that is a saint to do, I think college students should dare to do everything, dare to love and hate, don't like it skipping class, do you really like it, do a Xingqingzhongren, act, not a gentleman? To make a long story short hong kong company formation, is a character show -- "book of songs" said: qiaoxiaoqianxi, eyes hope Xi, aesthetic inspirations......

Three, the poem means: sweet smile, bright eyes, the most original, the most is the most beautiful! Confucius saying again, Confucius said: the gentleman, a long one. It means that the gentleman live frank and sincere, dare to color (true) shows a person, while those hypocrites (villain) live be a yes-man, wearing the mask of hypocrisy hypocrisy very.

So, to show people ecru, gentleman, big husband, and to color to life, mechanical circulation that don't live in a lose one's vitality of, will not live under the pan axiology be poker-faced, to live free and easy, to live out their own style and personality, to me, this way of life may not be the best way of living.