The footsteps

Like every morning, dawn holding my shadow I climbed that hill, began to patrol the flowers and trees. And as every evening, the sunset soft eyes send me back to the warm home. I was a forester, and railway's keeper. I have been basically is a person in life, one with my friends, the lame dog -- bucky. (Bucky I gave him the name, was found in the railway side dog, perhaps falling from accidentally shipped in the train, may God bring my friend) I lived in a little house in the woods. Half way up the mountain to the gravel road is my own paved, Bucky not method and flexible running and jumping, can not accompany me covered with flowers in the spring; not picked up the green leaves of summer; nor in the fall to ground pine cone path step squeaks; not in the winter snow, printed on the "plum blossom everywhere". So, every time on the way home I gave Bucky pick up some railway gravel, the stone still remain on the temperature and breath beside the tracks. Bucky gently sniffing. Searching for running in the forest in the memory. So slowly drops, is a brick road.vitamin c benefits
I dare not to solitude and loneliness, I feel, I am very happy. I'm wearing tendon end of big boots, a dark green camouflage suits, goggles, helmet, old vine dry preparation, small shovel, hammer and so on patrol equipment, and my lunch and thermos bottle. Every day I measure a length of the railway, a hill height, every day thousands of times on the rail tracks, check whether solid work. I removed the approximation the stump wood, recording prone to landslide and debris flow position, waiting for the workers to repair. I sometimes shin up, pick the roadside dandelion toward the sun gently blowing, the petals in the halo of the sun slowly dispersed. Finally melt in the blue days, the dust has settled.
Every day at noon, I heard the whistle blew the sixty-ninth time I went to rest under the shade of a tree, brought out the lunch and thermos bottle. The food is every few months, someone will give me some necessities. I don't care whether a food abundance. Pancake roll up the fried egg and vegetables, with sweet sauce. Very delicious, occasionally bring autonomous sandwiches, bread soft with half a slice of ham, the other half to Bucky, I like to watch it happy happy, so I was really happy. The thermos flasks containing soaked barley tea. I will cup, food, put it on a stone, that is my table. The stone surface is smooth, and very flat, the stone I have experienced more than the baptism of wind and rain, and heard the more times the whistle sounds. Every time I have to eat lunch at noon to find him, and his chat, he is brother stone, I give him a Japanese name, called Ida. Because he doesn't like the edge of the well and rock is cool, so this name, he also does not know whether love. In fact, called the garden this name is also very desirable. After dinner, pick up the luggage, backpack for sunshade cap, the rose, see poplar aligned with the wind waved to me farewell. I continued with the sun go west. The road continued expansion, the sun is still bright and shining.headphone amp
Once I was beside the tracks found a MP3, may have been broken, there may be no electricity. I'm no power supply to try to repair, wrote a notice be sent to annex the platform. Because no one claimed it back. Bucky also agreed to MP3 with me, although there is no sound, but I still every day with it, I put the headphones plug, can still hear the beautiful music. Like ear conch can hear the roar of the sea. I was immersed in the music, it is abstract, is illusory, it is apparent. The world, as their own. I heard Beethoven's Moonlight, Hisaishi summer, and the symphony of nature; cicada, bamboo sing solo. The sun is the most beautiful lighting. The forest is the most dazzling stage. All the natural creation is at this stage performer. And I'm willing to do their stage manager, appreciate their audience. They are not for me to play, but my heart quietly to communicate with them. So I am not lonely, but happy.The Embroidery Hoop