Wall cracks

The bus through layer upon layer of mountains, now came to an open water, like from the ancient to the more distant past. The dust laden memory quietly opened. Blue, the color of human's hometown, hometown. Think that millions of years ago, human beings have swimming in the blue sea, with today's weeds, poultry, wild animals and so on ancestors together without being ignorant. The world is a. This is the essence of the chaos of the battle back now. Facing the sea, time is compressed. The case in the past, now, future will be so. It's a short moment is the condensation of the past, present and future existence? This short moment whether can be eternal? Eternity is a moment, a moment is eternal. This is the time of the disappearance.


She is the common bus in an ordinary passengers, is part of a vast sentient beings, like all of us, only a very limited life, and for the finite and trouble and joy. But now, her thoughts drifted away from the outside in this co.. There is fog, so the more All blend into one harmonious whole. There was a ship nearby, loneliness drifting, not divided the situation is like hanging in the air, looks strange. The bus bridge. The bridge is bright and solemn, its unique arc glow with a kind of beauty, it is human to announce their presence to the world. The bridge is in between heaven and earth. She sat on the bus in stare at sea, staring at the existence of the vacuum like, mind, body with an impulse to want to jump into the sea. This is a pursuit of beauty, this is the desire for heaven and earth in one home. To narrow the flesh to embrace the infinite, then completed space disappeared.

However, she now felt does not distinguish between. Her body did not move. Disappear completed only in the imagination. This idea as the world millions of individual idea as the body will disappear, or is covered by a variety of trivial other behind the idea. Life is trivial, the infinite is we have a day to break the four four side of the fence, in through the wall of the slot in a ray of light. In the wall we don't know this light is come from, there is a bright vista is also unable to explore the outside wall.