Ten yuan

For the mother, I am always in awe. My mother said to calculate, so nobody can oppose the mother's advice. She says is a one, the Father also cannot say two; as we have no right to speak, only in accordance with the she meant to do, can not have a little break. This seems to not just the opposite: my father is like the mother, tolerance and peace; my mother is like my father, stern and harsh. Me about her first impression is "wicked" since childhood.
Small when the father was not at home, her sister and brother go to school early, I am the only one because of the young age is still small and stay with their mothers. Home person much ground is little, the mother is the only labor home, kids eat dressing is troubled by her biggest problem forever. Usually in the middle of the night in the yellow light weaving scenario is the most profound memories of my mother, and that a sentence "I am not sleepy forever" is the most I should not believe it. If the end of the year, mother more awake at night -- we don't have enough money to do the special purchases for the Spring Festival. So in each and every family is busy steamed Steamed buns do New Year cake, we busy with relatives. Said to be relatives, but with a little gift, rather than directly say that borrowing -- to "deal with" the new year. Needless to say, almost no child is not willing to relatives, not only can the United States and the United States to eat a good meal, good luck can earn two gift money. But my mother refused to take us, said she had had enough trouble relatives, can't lead children to make gift money. When my aunt at home are doing well too, probably wouldn't care about the money, but she still insisted on their own, sometimes also let elder sister or brother of a person to. I remember once, in the twelfth lunar month is about twenty now, and she let her go alone. I was refused, to be together with her sister. But the mother stubborn like a stone, a person only let elder sister.


You have the ability to, let your sister at home. Mother said. I village also go well, let alone in dozens of miles of home, she is the heart of iron.
But the children their own children to. I put on a long face to go home, she was not careful, I immediately rushed to the sister. This day I am full to eat a big meal, and get a $one hundred gift money, at that time, but a large number of. I begged her sister don't say to mother, sister answered.
Home when his mother was washing clothes. The winter sun yellow and light in muddleheaded. She had brought all red water in hand, helped some blood, was a brutal sad feeling. She seemed not to see us come back, and seemed to know we're back, without lifting his head, do not know to ask I asked my sister, "today where to play?"
On the way I would have done answer mothers preparation, even the mother asked what problems are one one thinking and gives the complete and correct answer. So my mother said I not only surprised, but secretly happy in his heart: difficult for me! My answer is not passing through the nozzle allows the perfect answer, concise, even the mother could not help but believe.
Then that is a few days when I was small, the most "natural" day, I took my mother bought a new fishing rod, there are several sets of toys, these at home, mother asked me just say yes to borrow someone else's; snacks can not eat at home, I always have a sense of feeling, fear will know the mother. Who know that this feeling is so accurate, to is and how fast!