In ancient poetry SWEPT AWAY

", Wen Jun has two meanings, it is to be positive, find a chilly, marriage must not cry. May the heart of people, together forever."

The full moon day, is a day of reunion, but the empty room. Wen Jun was the only one who, in the lonely tell their own sad. No one to accompany, no one understands, only accompanied with candles, hear only the wind is sighing. The birds, also have a companion in the side; trees, eventually also has forest care, oneself can only wait?
Sima Xiangru, officialdom is proud of her husband, also can think of yourself? Once come with sb. days, once the vows, he still remember? His lonely at this time and thought, who would feel?

Zhuo Wenjun worry is correct. In her tidy up the mood is ready to continue alone, her husband Sima Xiangru letter -- "Yiersansiwuliuqibajiushibaiqianwan." Just thirteen words, Zhuo Wenjun see after they shed floods down one's cheeks. The line numbers in but less "billion"! This is the husband in allusion to oneself has "no intention"! At this time of Zhuo Wenjun heart, the heart of a confused melancholy. Once the "Phoenix beg feng4huang2" tune seemed to be in the ear, the old sell liquor scene just in front of you, the letter in hand trembling, her eyes are dim with tears, pale, grew more and more gas, only the feeling of chest tightness uncomfortable, excitement, she fainted, two lines of tears to sprinkle in the chest coat lapel.

To be regained consciousness, she slowly raised his head: and now she can't see the future, do not feel the meaning of life. The husband put the previous song of Benedict behind her not reconciled to, she doesn't think this hard won feelings burst, she want to defend their own happiness! Slowly wiped away tears, calm and stoic stopped at Wen Jun's face.

The moon hung high in the sky, don't move, it quietly looked at Wen Jun, it would like to see this small woman can have much power. At this time, the table sadness of Wen Jun, holding the brush, hold your breath, flowing and writing his own anger and to her husband's affection. A soul stirring "Yuan Lang poem" was born:

"The one after the other, two acacia. Only three or four month, who knows five or six years. Inadvertently play the lyre, of no pass. Nine serial from broken, long waiting to no avail, a hundred thoughts, thousands of thoughts, helpless and blame you. All say not over, bored ten according to bar, Chongjiu Denggao look poorer, August mid autumn full moon is not round, seven moon burn incense and candle asked God, June everyone waving fan me scared the dog days of summer. In May the pomegranate fire meet a burst of cold rain watering the flowers in April end, loquat yellow I want compliment messy to mirror. Hurriedly, with the water transfer in March peach. Wandering zero, February kite string snaps. Gee, Lang Yalang, wanted the next life, you for the female to male I do."